About Us


A Creative Group that offers you the potential to explore your visions, to make sure what you are doing, and to utilize all of your effort to achieve the impossible. Maintaining the core philosophy of entertaining for all while having fun. Our games are far more enjoyable.

Goals & Objectives

We are eager to help along the way and succeed by showing values like teamwork, motivation, passion, and leadership.

  • To overcome unemployment, opportunities must be created.
  • developing a gaming studio with a reputation for creativity.
  • to boost the level for excellence in the sector.
  • supporting a vibrant economy.
  • to guide the gaming industry.

Why Join Us?

We are a family of game studios and app developers who put in endless effort and have creative visions.  Pursuing the idea of entertainment for all and pleasure with a cause. All of our games are more enjoyable than the ones that came before, and all of our apps are better and simple to use.

Who Is Behind This Site?

Hey, I am Muhammad Hasham. Main part of the our team here For the past 2 years I’ve been progressively discovering the world of  E-Games.  Trust me when I say that I’ve only barely touched the surface, the subject is as deep as it is wide.